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Which Is Better: WordPress Plugins vs. Functions.Php

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins

Which Is Better: WordPress Plugins vs. Functions.Php

Welcome our valuable visitors! Today, we are going to talk about WordPress Plugins and its “functions.php” file. So, in this article, we will answer the questions of many of our new webmaster friends who have questions about search engine optimization and website performance improvement: “Which is a better option to use to improve the performance of my blog?”

This written content is for those who want to become more professional on WordPress system. Alright, let’s go!

What’s in this article?

  •  Which is more practical?

  • Benefits of them

  • Drawbacks of them

  • Functionality

  • Which is Faster?

  1. A frequently asked question by users that “should we install a WordPress plugin or should we modify Function.php?” has been discussed for a long time.

  2. Some users believe that adding code is better than using WordPress plugins in terms of performance, but this is not true.

  3. Finally, in this article, the pros and cons of both will be explained and which method is better will be revealed.

WordPress Plugins vs. Functions.Php

  1. Dear website owners, to add something to your WordPress based website you will usually encounter one of two ways: Using WordPress plugins or adding code to Functions.Php file.

  2. Both methods will give the same result and both are correct.

  3. Many users, however, want to know which one is better for WordPress speed and performance.

  4. Some blog owners are concerned about using too many add-ons and are also concerned about how these plugins will affect the security system of their blog on the security of the WordPress system.

  5. On the other hand, other web site owners think that adding custom code can disrupt their websites and this problem can not be fixed easily.

  6. Let’s compare both solutions to find out which is better for WordPress performance.

Benefits of Functions.Php
Benefits of Functions.Php

# The “functions” file in the WordPress system allows the theme developers to define custom functions for their templates.

# This file works like a giant WordPress plugin. In addition, this file is a file that you can use to add other custom code snippets to your system that you may want to add to your website.


1 – You can use the theme editor in your admin panel to edit the Functions.php file. Therefore it is a very easy operation.

2 – You can copy and paste all code snippets into a single file.

3 – Using this method, you can examine the relevant codes and get an opportunity to learn how they work.

However, there are some drawbacks to using the functions.php file to save all of your custom functions.


1 – If you change the current theme you use and change over the functions.php file, all your settings will be reset and the settings of the corresponding theme will be activated, but if you use a theme that which is in “Child Theme” category, the changes you make are saved in the same “functions.php” file.

2 – In this case, you may find it difficult to understand where the codes of the theme you are using and where your special codes begin.

3 – Some code snippets can be very large, so you may need additional commands and styles.

Understanding the Limitations of the WordPress “Functions” File

  • There are many useful ways to make WordPress’s functions.php file very attractive.

  • However, this still can not replace some of the WordPress plugins.

  • Adding specific codes to your Functions.php file will improve the performance of your blog, but you can also use WordPress plugins to achieve the same performance enhancement.

  • All the functions and features you need can not be added to the functions.php file.

  • You may need additional scripts and style sheets to work properly for a specific code.

Pros of Using WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins

A – WordPress plugins work with the application logic for your WordPress based website. They contain code that connects to the basic WordPress software to provide more features and functionality.

B – A WordPress plugin does not depend on your theme. In addition, it is comfortable to use.

C – If you are using a WordPress plugin that shows the same effect as the codes that you added to your Functions.Php file, you do not have to fight with complicated codes. Moreover, it’s easier to manage.

D – When you want to remove the relevant plugins from your system, you won’t struggle with codes.

E – It is easier to disable, update or reinstall if necessary.

F – Each plugin has a description of what it does, so it is healthier to do business with specific add-ons instead of adding indefinite codes.

Of course, not all WordPress plugins are perfect. They also have some disadvantages.

Drawbacks of Using WordPress Plugins

A – You need to install updates for another plugin.

B – The owners of WordPress plugins, which are especially free of charge, can delete the plugin from the system at once and leave you in a difficult situation.

C – It is not a convenient method for those who want to learn the code writing because you can not practice.

Which Is Better?

  • If you have a WordPress plugin with the same code and function as the code you want to add to your file, we believe it is a better option to use that plugin.

  • In terms of performance, it does not matter where the code works. No matter whether it is inside the functions.php file or independent from it.

  • Managing plugins separately is much easier than editing one large functions.php file.

  • Attaching random code snippets to the same file complicates the work even when they are not interrelated or dependent on each other.

  • If you select a WordPress plugin that can improve your performance, you are applying a much better method. In addition, WordPress plugins are updated and its security is not very vulnerable. Furthermore, if there is any problem with your plugin, you can eliminate this problem with the updated patches of the related plugin.

When should I add code to Functions.Php?

# If the functionality you are trying to add is not available as plugin, and the code snippet is really simple, you can add it to the “functions.php” file of your theme.

# If you are coding a special theme, you should definitely have creativity and good code knowledge.

# If you are updating your website frequently and want to call these updates from a single file, you can also use the WordPress plugin in your functions.php file. It’s totally up to you. Only very professional code writers prepare their own functions.php files with their own code. This allows you to be unique and a respected person.

Now, it is your turn

1 – Which method is more useful and why?
2 – Which method will be more efficient in the future and why?

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