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For The New Bloggers: Top 5 Google SEO Tools That Increase Your Ranking

Google Seo Tools
Google Seo Tools

Top 5 Google SEO Tools That Increase Your Ranking

Google SEO tools can help you deliver your website to more users. Moreover, it is helping you to get your digital marketing efforts back instantly.

If your business is online marketing, SEO or content marketing, this means that you have a certain relation with Google. You can take big advantage of some SEO tools that Google offers for free to make this relationship a benefit. Thus, you will get more efficiency from your digital marketing efforts.

Even though you are aware of SEO analysis tools, it is useful to review them periodically because they are updated frequently. For this reason, we recommend that you review the list of the Top Five Google SEO tools that we have prepared for you. Make sure that it is good enough to improve your blog. These Google Keyword Tools will guide you.

#1 – Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools provides comprehensive reports on how your website is on the results pages, and helps better for index your pages. Also, if you have a problem with your website, Webmaster Tools allows you to be aware of this issue. The information it provides includes a list of keywords that your visitors have reached your blog by typing relevant words on the search engine, as well as information about links that bring some visitors to your blog.

#2 – Google Keyword Planner

This will help you find the keyword volume that will be relevant to your industry and your website. So, it is providing a list of keywords you can use on your site. Furthermore, these words are selected from visitors and words that Google users are searching for. In addition to keywords, you can learn the monthly popularity of a particular word you would like to use with this tool.

It shows the bid values of relevant keywords by making comparisons for the advertising sector. Therefore it is integrated into Adwords. In short, it suggests new words to you. Thus, it is possible to focus on the most wanted words to get more traffic from the searches.

#3 – Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can focus on specific keywords and compare the traffic of different keywords. Thanks to this SEO tool, you can find search data only for your country’s search results. With this in mind, you will be able to track which words are searched day by day with the “popular searches” section. So, you can earn more money through popular words.

Google Seo Tools
Google Seo Tools

#4 – Google PageSpeed 

In general, the level of search engine optimization of a website is directly related to the opening speed of that website. This tool gives you information about the speed and performance of your website. So when you experience a problem with the speed, you can identify the cause and take the necessary precautions. To use this tool, simply enter the URL of your website’s home page and click the “Analyze” button.

Analysis system consists of 3 different sections marked with red, yellow and green. Red color tells you that you need to make big changes to improve the performance of relevant your pages. Your yellow pages tell you that there are some details that you need to change. However, green color tells you that you are not facing a big problem. So, your contents marked with green mean that these pages are highly suitable for search engine optimization.

#5 – Google Tag Manager

With Google Tag Manager, you can add and update website tags and mobile apps easily for free. In this context, you can do this without the intervention of a professional search engine optimization team. Once you install the code on your website, you can edit the commonly used marketing tags without further updates.


With this tool, your visitors can link you to them directly whether they do searches on Google+ or Google Maps. This tool checks the listings in Google Maps. Therefore, it provides the most accurate search results. This tool is especially useful for local searches.

You have obtained important information about search engine optimization. Do you want to make money by setting up a website? If so, you can access the blog ideas that will allow you to earn money immediately from “this page“. We hope that  these Google SEO Tools and Google Keyword Tools can help you. Good bye.

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