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Four Personal Finance Blogs That You Should Follow To Make More Money


We can call 2018 as the year of the global economic crisis. The reason for this is the trade war of the United States of America against some important countries. If we should list some of these countries, we have to say: Canada, Mexico, Turkey and China. The United States, which has implemented a very high price policy on customs duties against these countries, has a bad impact on the economy of these important trading nations.

Personal Finance Blogs
Personal Finance Blogs

Local, regional and global investors are uncomfortable. Moreover, business man and business women are anxious about which country they want to invest in. Contrary to this, this is a big benefit for some countries. For example, Russia is an alternative way for Turkey. Because of the high price policy of the United States of America, Turkey usually needs Russia.

Do you want to get help with investment, interest rates, market data, trade data and risk analysis? Would you like to know where to invest your capital in this chaotic economic environment in the light of accurate and clear market analysis? I have reviewed these personal finance blogs on the list in detail. In this context, I have prepared a summary report for you. These blog owners are world-famous and trusted people with their ideas. Lastly, you can increase the value and quantity of your money by following these four personal finance blogs outlined below.

Personal Finance Blogs
Personal Finance Blogs


Personal Finance Blogs
Personal Finance Blogs

Moneyless, who has been publishing economy articles regularly since 2011, is the product of a blogspot service. This financial blog shares various articles about global monetary policies, economic theories, monetary and interest policies of central banks of countries. Furthermore, JP Koning shares his own comments about economics with his readers according to the statistical data obtained from official sources.

In addition, he also describes the causes and consequences of the economic crises experienced by different countries. Finally, Koning explains how you can increase your money by taking into account the political parameters of governments.

Visit this blog: Moneyless


Personal Finance Blogs
Personal Finance Blogs

Another guest of our list is Econospeak. This finance blog is a platform that can be used by people who have been in business for many years. This blog includes high-level economic analyzes. Besides, they examines current political events. They link up both politics and economy with each other and prepare economic reports. There are more than one author of this blog that publishes articles referring to academic references.

Visit this blog: Econospeak


Personal Finance Blogs
Personal Finance Blogs

By addressing its readers with a unique language, Coppola Comment is one of the rare platforms that can make its own comments about the economy without being influenced by political ideals. Thus, this feature gives it a great advantage in terms of reliability. This formation is not very professional compared to the two financial blogs above, however, she still writes valuable and accurate articles.

Unusually, Coppola Comment examines the field of finance with a historical perspective. Because of this, it deserves to be included in this list thanks to its non-political principle. As a result, if you want to get some ideas about the field of economics without being influenced by political will, visit this blog. Do not miss it.

Click to visit: Coppola Comment


Personal Finance Blogs
Personal Finance Blogs

This blog is managing by both Stephen G. Cecchetti and Kim L. Schoenholtz. It contains many articles of two professional economists. By the way, would like to closely follow basic articles about in the fields of economics and finance? The owner of “Money, Banking and Financial Markets” book, who is Mr.Cecchetti, and professor of Stern School of Business at New York University, who is Mr.Schoenholtzshare their basic and very valuable information. Last but not least, it is one of the most important sources especially for those who want to learn the basic principles and rules of the field of finance.

Also, if you are really interested in the banking sector, this site is for you.

Visit this blog: Money and Banking

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  1. I previously heard about Econospeak and follow them. They’re strongly recommended by me for whom have interest on finance and money.

  2. Although the Econospeak works with a free host it is quite good quality. But I think it would be better to gain corporate identity.

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