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3 The Most Effective Backlink Methods That Work

3 Most Effective Backlink Methods That Work
3 Most Effective Backlink Methods That Work

3 The Most Effective Backlink Methods That Work

Getting backlinks is one of the most important SEO elements that you need to do for your blog’s success. For this reason, what is a backlink? Backlink is a link that a blog has given to another blog. So, what are the methods of getting backlinks for your blog ? What ways can you develop for backlink enhancement methods ? You will learn some the most effective backlink methods.

In this article, I will tell you about the methods of obtaining a very special backlink that you have never seen before. You will get very good results with the three methods of getting a backlink.

1 – Get Your Blog In The Top Blogs Listings

We are sure that you are doing this research for getting backlinks. Moreover, you have come across backlink packages that have been sold hundreds of times, where they have no value at all. Furthermore, the backlinks you get in this way will be nothing but spam links that do harm rather than benefit your blog. So, they are all money traps. If you want to get quality backlinks, you can get these opportunities for yourself. The way to get this opportunity is to communicate with people.

You should get listed in the best blogs lists:

          Search on Google:

  • Best topic blogs”

  • “Best topic blogs 2016″

  • Most watched blogs

  • “The most watched topic blogs”

  • Favorite blogs

  • Favorite topic blogs

Then identify the articles you want to include in your blog and contact the authors of those articles. If your content is really high quality and you have a particular audience, you can even get involved in such lists by not contacting the author of the list. However, if you are a new blogger and you are not too familiar, you should not expect people to discover you. In addition, you should always take the first steps to promote yourself. Another point is that on forums or other blogs, you can post a link to topics covered under the title “follow-up blogs” by giving a link of your own blog.

If you are a new blog and your contents has good quality, do not expect people to discover you. On the contrary, you should give a link of your blog to blog writers and give people an opportunity to explore you.

2 – Getting Backlink From Other Blog Owners

One of the most effective and striking getting backlinks methods is the getting a backlink method from other bloggers’ articles. Getting backlink from a enemy blog’s article is the most difficult way to get backlink. What will a competitor author’s article get from your article ? It is simple: Money. Contact the authors of the necessary celebrity blogs and pay the fee.

3 – Skyscraper Technique

This getting link method consists of five phases:

  • First of all, find out about blog contents that has been shared by many people and has received comments.

  • Do a Google search about “making money from a blog” and examine in detail what all the content in the first place is missing.

  • After you have identified the missing points of all the content you have reviewed, write a better quality article of “making money from a blog” content based on detailed and data-based.

  • Then find out which blogs are giving backlinks to those contents on Google. Of course, there are many backlink query tools for this. For example: “Open Link Profiler

  • Once you have done this for all the competing posts, get backlinks from the contents that you have identified. Then, ask them to replace these contents with the higher quality contents that you publish.

  • Do this by e-mailing to relevant authors. However, you must be careful! This point is very important because you have to carefully select all of your words when you are communicating.

You have read “3 Most Effective Backlink Methods That Work“. If you are going to create a blog, you should read our article: How to Setup WordPress AMP Plugin on Your WordPress System

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3 thoughts on “3 The Most Effective Backlink Methods That Work

  1. Really cool tactics. I’ve tried quite a few to get backlink. I wanted to get backlink with natural methods, but somehow I was not successful. No blogger wants to link from their website. This is really annoying. But I’m not going to stop trying.

  2. The best way to get backlinks is through mutual interaction. Other than that, there are fees and methods you can get for free. I do not find the backlinks received for free as very useful. Because these sites are generally low on google values.

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